CSR System

SFMI contributes to society to create a better world in the spirit of Good Insurance  .

Four Major Themes of SFMI Social Contribution
  • Safety ProjectsFor traffic safety & living safety
    • Transportation Museum
    • Traffic Safety Research Institute
    • Happy School
    • Dream Playground
    • Fire Prevention & Safety Support
  • Future ProjectsFor children & adolescents
    • One-Department-One-Child Matching & Support
    • Dream School Campaign
    • Scholarship Grant
    • Finance Education for Adolescents
  • Hope ProjectsFor the disabled
    • Guide Dog School for the Visually Challenged
    • Gift of Hope through KRW 500 Contribution
    • Support for Young Musical Talents with Disabilities
    • Raising Awareness for People with Disabilities
  • Compassion ProjectsFor local community
    • Sharing for Local Community
    • Cultural Heritage Stewardship
    • Volunteering through Talent Donation
    • Supporting Children beyond Borders