Disability Awareness

Enabling People

SFMI produces educational programs and TV dramas for students to raise public awareness and understanding on disabilities.

Educational Videos for Public Institutions

As a first such program produced in Korea, “Beautiful Communication” is an education video for workers at public institutions, aimed to help them better understand people with disabilities and learn manners and etiquettes to treat the disabled in various settings.

The video was produced by SFMI Media Department to raise public awareness on people with disabilities, and the cast and producers volunteered to make the film in the form of talent donation.

TV Dramas for Disability Awareness

In association with the Ministry of Education and Disabled First Movement Headquarter, SFMI has produced and distributed TV dramas for students to raise their awareness and understanding on disabilities.

According to the Ministry of Education, about 55% of middle and high school students or some two million students watch SFMI-produced dramas which are aired on KBS 2TV on the Day of Disabled People every year.
(Production Support: Ministry of Education, Disabled First Movement Headquarter/ Production: SFMI)