Guide Dog School for the Visually Challenged

Enabling People

SFMI runs a guide dog school to raise and donate guide dogs for the visually challenged.

SFMI established a guide dog school in 1993 to raise seeing-eye dogs and donate them pro bono to the visually challenged, as part of its effort to practice philanthropy and support people with disabilities.

Besides, the company has led various campaigns and promotional activities to raise awareness on guide dogs and the blind, which brought a meaningful change in laws. As the Act on Welfare of People with Disabilities was revised to guarantee public access and boarding right of guide dogs, guide dog trainers and walkers have been granted a greater access to public facilities with guide dogs.

What is “Guide Dog for the Blind”?

Guide dogs are assistance dogs trained to lead the blind and visually impaired people around obstacles and help them navigate safely. The dogs accompany the blind anytime anywhere making it easier to get around, which gives them confidence and security in going about day-to-day lives.