CEO Message about Compliance

We strive to become a trusted company by practicing
ethical management.

In today’s rapidly changing and ever more complicated business environment,
“compliance with laws and ethical standards” along with “trust by customers” have brought SFMI to where it is now,
and these values will continue to shore up the company in the future.

SFMI is committed to earning trust from customers in compliance with laws and principles to continue growth
as the best insurance company in the market through tireless efforts.

To this end, SFMI has enacted the following “SFMI Business Principles” to raise integrity and transparency
in its operations, and all SFMI employees pledge to put these principles into action in their daily business.

Young Moo Choi CEO & President
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Management Principle

  • Principle 1 SFMI abides
    by laws and
    ethical guidelines.
  • Principle 2 SFMI maintains
    clean and
    corporate culture.
  • Principle 3 SFMI respects
    and employees.
  • Principle 4 SFMI protects
    the environment,
    safety, and health.
  • Principle 5 SFMI takes full
    as global corporate