SFMI Volunteer Group

Enabling People

SFMI Volunteer Group offers various volunteer services for local communities.

As responsible corporate citizens, SFMI employees launched SFMI Volunteer Group in 1994 to offer various volunteer services. A total of 289 volunteer teams visit designated places and lend helping hands every year.

  • Four Rounds of Volunteering Events Held Every Year
    • Blood Donation Campaign in February
    • Volunteer Festival in May and October
    • Year-end Neighbor Love Campaign in December
  • Building Relationship with Rural Communities SFMI has forged a sisterhood relationship with rural communities, and runs various aid programs such as offering labor in busy seasons, participating in rural experience programs, and operating an on-line market to expand distribution channels and help increase their income.
  • Family Volunteer Activities SFMI engages employees’ families in thematic volunteer activities such as planting trees, painting murals at special schools, and cleaning up Han Riverside parks to protect the ecosystem, encouraging participation of employees and their families.
  • Volunteering through Talent Donation SFMI Volunteer Group practices sharing with local communities by offering knowledge and skills through various volunteering activities.