Support for Young Musical Talent with Disabilities

Enabling People Education for Future Generations

SFMI runs music camp programs for disabled youths with musical talent.

SFMI has organized an orchestra composed of disabled youths with musical talent and held "Poco a Poco" concerts and music camps since The company also organized Viva Chamber Ensemble, a group of young musicians with disabilities for the first time in Korea with an aim to develop them into professional music players.

Poco a Poco Music Camp

Every year SFMI holds a three-day music camp where music professors and masters provide lessons to disabled youths with musical talent. Those who participated in the music camp also get a chance to perform at Poco a Poco concert, which is put together by over 130 musicians including professors and disabled youths and SFMI employees and their families.

What does “Poco a Poco mean”?

“Poco a Poco” is an Italian musical term meaning “little by little,” symbolizing the passion and persistence of disabled youths developing their musical skills with a great aspiration to become a musician.

Viva Chamber Ensemble

SFMI established a professional musical group Viva Chamber Ensemble in May 2015 to provide regular educational and concert opportunities and master classes for disabled youths with musical talent to help them improve competencies and realize their dreams to become professional musicians.

Partner Group: Disabled First Movement Headquarters