Dream Playground

Enabling People

Dream Playground is a playground renovation project for a safe and environment-friendly space for children.

SFMI Dream Playground is a playground renovation project for children in low-income communities. In the project, SFMI transforms decrepit playgrounds at nurseries and day care centers into a safer and more environment-friendly spot so that children can play around and lead a healthier life.

This project is funded by the SFMI Dream Fund, raised through donation by individual employees.

Partner Group: Kids & Future Foundation

SFMI launched Dream Playground project to ensure children’s right to play and create a safe play ground by renovating rundown playgrounds forced to close with the enforcement of the Act on Safety Management of Children’s Play Facilities .

Starting with Dream Playground No. 1 in Gangdong Dream Town in 2014, a total of 33 playgrounds have been refurbished by 2019 through this Dream Playground project.