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Brand Item Firevase

Flowers in this vase stand for “security”

What is the Firevase?

SFMI introduces a fire extinguisher to protect you
anytime by your side just like insurance.

“Firevase” is a flower vase that doubles as a throw-able
fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.
Normally it serves as a flower vase, but it turns into
a fire-fighting tool when a fire occurs.
Simply throw the vase at the fire, and it unleashes
chemical solutions to cut off the oxygen and cool down
the temperature instantaneously, so you can snuff
the flames before they spread.

In the spirit of delivering “Good Insurance”

As part of corporate branding activities based on our
commitment to Creating Shared Value (CSV),
the Firevase represents the value of “Good Insurance”
SFMI strives to deliver. Given that failures to take
immediate action to put out fires at the initial stages
often lead to greater damage, we put the most effective
fire-suppressing agent into a vase, which is an easily
accessible interior item at home.

As its design took the motif from household fire
extinguishers, the Firevase signifies our care and devotion
towards our customers, protecting them from danger and
pain by preempting risks.

Just like the Firevase, SFMI will always be there for you
by your side.

How to use the Firevase

It’s very easy to use the Firevase.
All you need to do is just throw it into the fire, when a fire occurs.
However, it is not recommended for use on large fires.
Please note that the Firevase is most effective in the initial stages of fires.

How to find the Firevase

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A fire extinguisher is as effective as a fire engine in putting out a fire at the initial stages.

Over 10,000 fires break out at home every year.
(2017 Annual Fire Survey by the Korea National Fire Agency)

Yet, a whopping 71% of homes lack fire safety equipment.
(2017 Survey on Home Fire Protection Facilities by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security)

Even if well-equipped with a fire extinguisher,
the chances are that you may not know how to use it,
(Only 24% of respondents knew how to use a fire extinguisher according to a 2015 survey by Gyeonggi Province Family and Women Research Institute.)

or leave it where you cannot even remember,
when the place it should be is right beside you.

So, we present this throwable firevase.

Normally it serves as a flower vase,
but it turns into a fire-fighting tool in emergency.

Simply throw the vase at the fire.
It unleashes chemical solution as it is broken.
(Firevase is made of a safe material called rigid polyvinyl chloride, so its broken pieces are not dangerous.)

This cools down the temperature instantaneously and cuts off the oxycen to snuff the flames
(Approved by the Korea Fire Institute for initial control of common fires)

In this vase,
flowers take on a whole new meaning - "security."
(Throw the vase towards the ignition source for common fires and wood fires, and towards the floor or wall for flammable liquid fires.)

Just like insurance that always protects you,
Firevase will always be there for you.

Created by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
(Make sure to check warranty statements and instruction manuals before use.)
  1. Check out the Firevase in theaters and via SNS.
    SFMI is showing Firevase-themed commercials at
    theaters in September and October 2018.
    In addition, we will send Firevases to those selected
    among participants in our SNS events. Go to Facebook Event Watch theater advertisement
  2. SFMI RCs will deliver the Firevase to you.
    SFMI RCs will give out approximately
    100,000 Firevases to our customers nationwide
    from September to December 2018.
  3. Please visit our brand shop.
    SFMI will run a brand shop where anyone
    can purchase the Firevase.
    We will donate a certain amount of fund matching
    the number of firevases sold at the brand shop,
    to support facilities with weak fire safety protection.
    Detailed information will be announced later.
    We are afraid that we may not be able to deliver
    the Firevase to everyone due to the limited supply.
    We appeal for your generous understanding.