SFMI Digital Business Consulting Service

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SFMI Digital Business
Consulting Service

As a leading pioneer in the global digital
business market,
SFMI helps insurers to develop
a holistic digital strategy
across channels and ecosystem.

  • Why Digital?

    Digital transformation is no longer a long-term goal or an abstract notion, but it is a progress unfolding and evolving in real time.

    Digital transformation not only provides convenience to customers, but also offers benefits to insurers in terms of data collection and cost reduction.

  • SFMI Consulting Service

    As a leading pioneer in the global digital business, SFMI provides guidance with the right solution to issues, such as channel cannibalization and OMO collabora-tion, and development of optimized digital system and strategy.

    • Business Consulting

      “SFMI Digital Business Consulting delivers actionable insight and tangible solution based on ample experience. We help companies to design their business and operate business models by offering both growth strategy and stabilization strategy.”

    • System Consulting

      “Agents and brokers are vital components in offline channels. In digital channel, however, IT system is the key. To develop a concrete IT system and strategy, insurers must consider four key factors, i.e.,scalability, flexibility, manageability, and traceability”

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    • E-mail: yongtaek.choi@samsung.com

    Manager Dongyoung Seo

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