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What if, you get into an accident in Korea?
Mary has lived in Korea for 5 years. / Unfortunately, she got into an accident! / High Hospital Bills! / Pain emotionally and physically!
Mary needs / a reliable Insurance.
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You need a reliable insurance company in Korea/SAMSUNG FIRE MARINE INSURANCE/Reliable coverage of SAMSUNG insurance for you
Auto insurance
24/7 response to accidents Premium discount for vehicles with a black box installed
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Drive insurance
Coverage against criminal liabilities that are not fully covered by auto insurance
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Property insurance
Damage compensation for fire and collapse Compensation even for fire damage to neighbors
Healty&Life insurance
Single policy for multiple types of coverage Customized coverage available
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Chile care insurance
Coverage against children’s medical care and education expenses
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Annuity insurance
Pension for one’s golden years Income tax deduction/annual compound interest rate/ dividend
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Only Samsung privides multi-language service.
You need a reliable insurance company in Korea / SAMSUNG FIRE MARINE INSURANCE /Reliable coverage of SAMSUNG insurance for you
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